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January 21, 2014 Noon Eastern

Are you ready to bring the curtain up on the Second Act of your life?

If you’ve been Reinventing and Re-Imagining your life or career, it’s time to get the “New You” out to the world in a big way.

This is for you if you’ve made (or thought about making) a :

  • Big career switch
  • Major life change
  • New product or service launch
  • Shift in your business focus

Discover how to make sure the world sees you (or your business) as you are NOW!

Tap into the power of social media to make a powerful statement that sets you apart from the crowd and leaves those old, outdated perceptions in the dust.

  • Find out how to create a personal “brand” that make your memorable and successful
  • Learn the secret strategies to manage your online reputation and avoid 4 common mistakes
  • Explore how to stay authentic online and still keep your best foot forward
  • Discover the 5 Simple Steps to “Second Act” Success

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February 18, 2014 Noon Eastern

5 Simple Steps to Finding Your Ideal Customers Online

The people you want to do business with and who desperately need what you do are your tribe.

The places they gather on social media, I call “campfires.” Just like the cavemen.

Your tribe is already gathering around other people’s social media campfires, where there is a common interest, and they’re waiting for you to join them.

This is SO much easier than trying to find your tribe one person at a time.

And I know so many people do that—looking for potential customers one at a time. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I bet you’ve done it, too.  And it drives you crazy. It makes you frustrated.  You feel like you’re never going to find the people who are interested in your business.

And the truth is, those perfect prospects—your tribe—are just sitting around other  social media campfires, waiting to meet you, and you can find dozens—maybe hundreds—of them all at once.

And once they get to know you and you have a relationship with them, they will come over to your campfire.

It all starts with finding those online places—social media “campfires”—where your tribe is already gathering. And when you find the right campfires, it’s like finding a gold mine.

I know that you have at least THREE GOLD MINE CAMPFIRES where you tribe is gathered, begging for the services only YOU can give them.

When you find your tribe and your THREE GOLD MINE CAMPFIRES, you start gathering raving fans who become happy customers.

If you want to know how to find your tribe of perfect customers…

How to discover where your tribe is already gathering on social media…

Where to look for your 3 Gold Mine Campfires…

And how to turn those relationships into revenue…

This is the program for you!

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March 27, 2014 Noon – 1 pm Eastern

How to Turn Your Success Stories into a
Relationship-building, Revenue Rocket!

Discover the secret to turning your client success stories, case studies and testimonials into turbo-powered jet fuel to win more clients, land more business and make more money!

How to tell stories in a way that keep your tribe glued to your every word.

How to share stories compelling enough to get your tribe engaged and commenting, liking, sharing, favoriting your content—which is what going viral is all about.

These are the EXACT steps I have used to write 7 bestselling novels, to create a tribe of international fans, and to land multi-book, six-figure publishing contracts with one of the Big 6 New York publishers.

And they’re the SAME steps that I use to create engaging social media content, speeches, video scripts and case studies.

I give you my top-secret, five-step process to create RIVETING, MEMORABLE stories, but I want to invite you to join me on a follow-up webinar—“Six Sensational Secrets of Stories that SELL”.

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My All-New Mastermind program…designed to help you get past your fear and get your social media marketing into top gear…just in time for 2014.

Are you:

  • Afraid you’re wasting time
  • Praying for more clients
  • Hoping you’ll meet the “right” people—but you don’t know who they are
  • Unsure of how to turn those tweets and posts into profits Stuck about translating your client successes into stories that sell
  • Nervous about what to say—and who to talk to
  • Committed to getting your business where you want it to be, but tired of empty promises

Here’s why you’re struggling: You don’t know the specific steps to find your tribe online. You don’t know how to connect in a way that actually sells your products and services, or with stories that move your prospects to action.

The Super Simple Social Media Mastermind will get you turbo-charged and ready to rock in no time!

Each session is limited to just 9 people, so claim your spot quickly!

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