Larry Martin


Larry is an Executive Leader and Coach who helps individuals and teams reach and exceed their business goals. As both an experienced corporate leader and an artist for many years, Larry help his clients identify, define and achieve their objectives by blending creativity, business wisdom and savvy. He integrates proven business processes, approaches, and practices for more effective and innovative results. Being both detailed and big picture oriented, Larry helps his clients see situations and opportunities from new and different perspectives.

Adaptive and comfortable working with anyone from executives to individual contributors and working teams, Larry identifies and draws out deeper and richer aspects of his client’s needs through empathy and strong listening skills. He uses a whole brain approach with analytical and intuitive skills to help his clients move through their challenges.

Larry facilitates easy and quick fact-based decision making and assists his clients in organizing and structuring priorities and projects or goals to get the most out of the time and resources they have.  He helps individuals and teams use their gifts and differences to be more successful and achieve the results they desire with his strong knowledge base of peak performance management and team dynamics.

When it comes to getting your message out, whether that is communication to customers, training for employees, or delivering difficult news, Larry’s proven skills as a writer and communicator help clients assess their options and frame their message for success.

Larry has an MBA, a BA, and post-graduate leadership training. He was certified as a Wachovia Diversity Practitioner by Elsie Y. Cross and Associates and has completed the Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives at Harvard University and Advanced Procurement Strategies through International Computer Negotiations, Inc.