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What difference could you make in the world by sharing your passion with the people who need your services and knowledge?

You were born to share your passion. We make it easy to gather your tribe around your “campfire”—your brand, web site, content and social media pages--and ignite the possibilities.

Find Your Gold Mine

Did you know that you have at least three perfect communities of ideal customers who are searching for someone just like you to solve the problems that are keeping them awake at night? We show you where to find the Gold Mine Communities™ where the people who need you the most are already gathering so you can reach them efficiently—and profitably.

Linking Passion to Profit

What if YOU could change the world for the people who need what you know?

I am grateful to have the chance to meet you. Over ten years ago, I discovered a simple system that helped me make my lifelong dream come true. It changed everything! Now we share that system—and the tools to make it easy—with people just like you, business owners, professionals, authors and experts who are passionate about what they have to offer the world. We can help you fan your campfire into a beacon that attracts your perfect customers and builds a loyal following. Could this be the starting point for linking passion and profit?

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Are you passionate about making a big change to your life or business? Do you want to reinvent yourself, reboot your business and create Fresh Start Success? Then you’re in the right place! In this a free article series I invite you to discover how your passion can fuel profit—and how to re-think your future to create a profitable, soul-satisfying, happiness-generating, fulfilling Second Act for life and business. Would you like to have the tools to make that happen? Here’s how to get them…

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Rev Up Your Business

Looking for a way to reach motivated customers and bring them into your “tribe” so they become raving fans? Our passion is helping customers tap into what sets them apart from the crowd so they can gather a following of ideal customers who are excited to find what you offer and grateful for the difference you can make in their lives.