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How can I thank you enough for all your help today?

"How can I thank you enough for all your help today? You are truly a talented woman with a mind full of a wealth of information and connections I greatly appreciated. Let me tell you what you did for me, what value I found. When I began developing my business, each step of progress was met with an unanticipated obstacle. What we desire to do, and what we project is needed to accomplish the goal is never a clear picture of the enormous road ahead one must travel to make their dream a reality. All the questions of who am I--expertise, what do I have to offer that is different, unique, and really needed, and who needs it, was the framework for branding--the first BIG challenge. This has been a year and a half of defining and refining, trial and error. Today, as a result of your fabulous conference call, I found enormous value in the resources for contacts you provided. This will help me talk to others who have been there and done that, and can help me get there with a little less stress and more success. When I explained what I was trying to do, you in your expertise, identified key words that summarized my cause. This may seem simple, but identifying your target market is not always easy. You also educated me on some road blocks to be aware of." -- Lori Bestler, Mindscapes Unlimited

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